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Renewabled.com offers its users a way of finding renewable energy suppliers near them. The site has a search tool that returns a list of distributors within a radius of the user’s selected location.

The owner of Renewabled approached DOMIC needing help to improve the accuracy of these results. David added an additional buffer to the results to include the city bounds, as well as suggesting and implementing various other changes to improve code efficiency.

http://www.thegreensupermarket.com/ (previously http://www.renewabled.com/)

Google Maps Marker Array Starter

When building a new mapping application, I frequently find myself in need of a way to collect a few locations that I can use as a starting point. I need a quick way of generating latitude and longitude, ideally for points in the area that my application will be focused on.

This week I decided to make a quick little application purely for this purpose. I hope you, too, will find this simple tool useful. … Continue reading

Finding your Google Places_ID

In my last post, “Google Map API Gets Personal“, I spoke about Google’s new “Signed In Map” feature which lets users login to Google Maps to save places, even when the map is embedded in someone else’s website. But what if the place that you want to highlight doesn’t show up with the option to “Save to Google Maps”?

… Continue reading

Transit Kiosk

David interfaced Google Maps API into this transit station kiosk. The user can choose between various modes of transportation including bus, car, bike, and walking. The directions are broken up into logical steps, and displayed in a customized layout. The system will suggest destinations based on what the user started typing. Once a route has been selected, the user can choose to have directions e-mailed or texted to them.