Google Maps Marker Array Starter

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When building a new mapping application, I frequently find myself in need of a way to collect a few locations that I can use as a starting point. I need a quick way of generating latitude and longitude, ideally for points in the area that my application will be focused on.

This week I decided to make a quick little application purely for this purpose. I hope you, too, will find this simple tool useful.

It allows you to quickly click a few points on a map, and dump their lat/lng coordinates into a javascript array. The array then appears on the page, making it easy to copy & paste into the code of a new application. I added a text-box which lets you geocode an address and add it to the array.

If you want to start with a clean slate, click “Delete Markers”. This will clear the map and empty the array.

(Open embedded page)

This code was based on Google’s ‘removing markers’ sample. I have included the code so you can make a your own copy.

Click on the map to add markers, or type address below.

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