Google Map API Gets Personal

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Many applications on the web use Google Maps Javascript API to embed maps into their site. You can see an instance of this in the footer of this website. Until now, however, there has been a disconnect between these websites, with no easy way of transferring points from one website to another.

This is changing however, as Google has made an adjustment to their Javascript Maps API. Now web developers like us can include an option for users to log in and see all of their saved places on other websites. This allows the users to orient themselves to familiar places using their existing saved points of interest, or save points of interest from the site they are on so that they can find it on another site (or on Google Maps) later.

Google-Map-API-Gets-Personal1The key is to include &signed_in=true to the Google Maps JavaScript API source url. With this active you can zoom in to named places on your map, click on them and see the new “Save to Google Maps” option appear.

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