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In May 2015, after several years of using Arvixe as our hosting provider and recommending them to our clients, DOMIC decided to become an Arvixe affiliate. By some sad coincidence, Arvixe’s quality of services and support have both diminished considerably since then.

In late 2014 Arvand Sabetian, founder and CEO of Arvixe Hosting decided to sell his business to a larger conglomerate Endurance International Group. Sabetian started Arvixe in his junior year at high school. The staff, which grew to 130 people, all worked remotely with no head-office. His business practices, and his focus on quality won him the “30 under 30” for two consecutive years (2002 and 2003) and 5000 for three consecutive years (2011, 2012, and 2013)

However, in an effort to standardize business practices the new ownership has begun a series of ‘upgrades’ which have caused a disturbing number of interruptions to their service and ability to provide customer support. Sadly, instead of using Arvixe as a model for their other hosting branches, they chose to go the other way.

Since the purchase customer reviews have dropped considerably. At this point we are not recommending Arvixe to our clients, but waiting patiently in hopes that they will soon return to the standard of quality we had learned to expect of them.

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