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DOMIC is a new business designed to grow into a new and quickly evolving marketplace. With the advances of web technology, and the abundance of geo-aware devices such as Smartphones and tablets, the demand for geographically based web application development is quickly growing, and DOMIC intends to provide the services required to fulfill that need.

The potential for maps applications on the internet goes far beyond embedding a Google map into your web page. Map API developers are developing tools that make it possible to analyze geographical data and present different information based on position or conditions. Many of these tools now exist, and the possibilities are quickly expanding, but businesses don’t recognize the need for these tools, and often don’t know how to implement the tools, even if they did.

DOMIC provides consulting services to build customized web applications that improve the efficiency of organizations, largely through leveraging the geographic aspects of the business. Many businesses have a geospatial aspect to them which, if utilized properly, can help improve efficiency and communications both internally and externally. The need for this kind of development is growing quickly with awareness and new technologies and knowledgeable consultants will be in demand.

DOMIC’s consulting services include web design and development services, research and advice, with a focus on these map-based services. The scope of work may range from integrating a component into an existing site to building new websites. At DOMIC we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to clients’ needs and provide cost effective solutions.

Solutions may include custom-built web applications, integration of new custom or 3rd party components, conversion of existing sites to responsive design, debugging existing issues, or providing design, direction or advice. Target markets will have a need for custom map application development. DOMIC will also assist other non-map related clients where initial relationships already exist, especially if introduces DOMIC to a technology which is likely to be used again.

Our Team

At the core of DOMIC is the husband and wife team of David and Olga McCarthy. David and Olga’s skill sets are highly complementary, making them an ideal team. Their unique understanding of mapping on the internet, along with their personal skills, and passion to see their clients succeed make them ideal candidates for starting this new business.

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About David McCarthy

David is a web developer, and a map designer. He has been working in the web development and cartographic fields in a variety of positions, including design, development and management. He has excellent interpersonal and team leadership skills proven through systems analysis, project management and customer relations. David focuses on the front-end aspects of web development. Responsive design and mapping applications are at the top of the list. He enjoys exploring new technologies, and building upon his mapping, web design and programming skills.

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