Not just another pretty map!


DOMIC Cartographic Solutions develops smart interactive web maps and other web applications.

If location has any influence in your customer’s buying decision or your workflow, DOMIC is the web development firm that will increase your efficiencies and sales by leveraging the power of geography.





Whether you are trying to create a site to match your existing branding or need help establishing a new brand, we can help. We will get to know who you are and what you like, and design a site that reflects just that. Expect an attractive design that is easy to navigate, draws people into your site, and fits nicely with your other marketing materials.



Converting a concept into reality is no easy feat. Satisfying many users across many platforms leads to many technical requirements. We will help you to understand the technical needs of your users. Then we will implement a user-friendly site that is compatible with the devices your users require, whether that be mobile devices, or old versions of IE.



What goes on behind the scene is very important! We have experience building back end technologies such as shopping carts, show-time databases, and machine learning algorithms. We can also work with existing APIs which will speed up development and allow us to implement some amazing tools that have already been developed.



If you are considering a technology change, and trying to decide if it is time, or which way to go, we can help. We can examine options for you, let you know what is out there, and guide you through making your decision. The world of technology is ever-changing. Let us guide you.

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Who We Are

Dave McCarthy

At the forefront…

David McCarthy

David is a web developer, and a map designer. He has been working in the web development and cartographic fields in a variety of positions, including design, development and management. He has excellent interpersonal and team leadership skills proven through systems analysis, project management and customer relations.

David focuses on the front-end aspects of web development. Responsive design and mapping applications are at the top of the list. He enjoys exploring new technologies, and building upon his mapping, web design and programming skills.


Behind the scenes…

Olga McCarthy

Olga is an experienced software developer/systems architect who is exploding with ideas. In whatever she does she sees new areas for improvement and expansion. When your ideas are exhausted, Olga will just be getting started. She is a developer who cares as much for your project as you do.

Olga focuses on the back-end aspects of web applications development: program architecture, client and server side development, databases, API development, and technical research.

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Our Work

Here are just a few examples of our work. If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Asset Management System

Our client produces and installs digital and other stationary devices across North America. We built a system that allows the client to monitor their devices and ensure that everything is going smoothly both leading up to, and after installation.

The software we developed checks the status of digital devices using various APIs supplied by device manufacturers, and alerts the client if there is an issue. It includes a task list that lets managers add to-do items to any device. Devices and issues are grouped by location, with maps to help visualize where problems are occurring. The system can be used both internally by our client as well as by their clients so that they can see and manage the status of their own devices.

For this project we used our favourite frameworks: CodeIgniter to structure and simplify back-end, Knockout.js for robust lightning-fast front-end, and jQueryUI for attractive and intuitive widgets. Thanks folks!


Renewabled offers its users a way of finding renewable energy suppliers near them. The site has a search tool that returns a list of distributors within a radius of the user’s selected location.

The owner of Renewabled approached DOMIC needing help to improve the accuracy of these results. David added an additional buffer to the results to include the city bounds, as well as suggesting and implementing various other changes to improve code efficiency. (previously

Figure Skating Boutique

This site’s administrator contacted David to revamp the site to be easier to navigate, and to be responsive.

The site uses Zen-cart as a back end shopping cart. David designed a responsive template that could be integrated into Zen-cart. The template uses a combination of Zurb Foundation’s framework and custom media queries to control the appearance of responsive elements.

Phihong is a company that engineers and produces power supplies. The client had built a new responsive front-end website. Olga was hired to add administrative functionality that would allow the client to change site’s content, do bulk updates from a csv, upload files, and backup the database. Olga designed the database for the site’s content (products, news releases, employment), built a PHP CodeIgniter API, and added administrative user interface accessible through a log-in.


Diffbot is a Silicon Valley start-up that specializes in machine learning algorithms that analyze and extract information from websites. Olga worked with Diffbot to make their algorithms available to programmers using the Octave programming language. Olga created an Octave library with full support for Diffbot’s API.

Thanks to Olga and others, Diffbot now has support in 36 different languages.

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Contact Us

112 Santamonica Blvd

Scarborough, ON


We are available from 8:30am – 5:00pm EST, Monday – Friday. If you need to get in touch outside of this window, e-mail may be your best option.